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Don't Suffer In Silence

Make A Report.

As well as being a reporting system, SHARP has a lot of good advice and guidance too:  

  • It contains lots of advice and videos on issues such as alcohol,drugs, bullying, health, community issues, internet safety, surviving secondary school, weapons, hate crime and sexuality. So please take the time to click on the MENU button above and look through and explore the pages.
  • a signpostong service with links to a host of useful contacts including Crime Stoppers, ChildLine, FRANK and CEOP. So make sure you click on The Links page via the MENU button for additional advice and support. These organisations are there for you to access at any time. There is always someone at the end of a call or message; please do not suffer on your own.


Please dont suffer in silence, click 'make a report and we will do what ever I can to help, and if we dont know then we will know someone who can help you