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PLEASE NOTE - This is a system to support students and is not for general communications with the academy. Please use or call 0121 506 4300

The SHARP system allows you to make an anonymous report about anything that is troubling you. This can be personal, for example, you may be having difficulties with schoolwork, friendships or your mental well-being. The SHARP system can also be used for you to share a concern for someone else .

It is however a good idea to leave your name and/or school email address otherwise it may be very difficult for us to help. Please be aware that SHARP does not provide any way of replying to your message or tracing you, if you don't leave any contact details.

All reports will be taken seriously and a member of the We CARE team will respond to your message ASAP.

You can get in touch by simply clicking on the MAKE REPORT button above.

This is a CONFIDENTIAL way to stop YOU or a FRIEND or SOMEONE you have seen SUFFERING.

Remember that we are always willing to listen to you and respond to how you are feeling.

PLEASE NOTE - This is a system to support students and is not a genral communiction